Structural Concrete

Crown Construction Services has built its reputation on delivering a quality concrete finish, which is fully compliant to AS3600 Concrete Structures. At peak times, we consistently pour suspended slabs in excess of five hundred cubic metres of concrete, which is achieved through a multi feed pumping system servicing up to three pour faces at any given time.

Architectural Concrete

Concrete has a reputation for strength, durability and longevity and is one of the most widely used products in the world. However, most concrete structures are coated with paint, covered with decorative panels, or hidden behind external cladding.

Architectural concrete can form any shape and be supplied in almost any colour, making it a durable material for public structures such as seating, planters, paving or water features. We specialise in supplying decorative, architecturally designed concrete products, and with extensive experience, no project is beyond our capability.