Safety Perimeter Screens

Construction is statistically one of Australia’s most dangerous industries, with Falling from Height identified as a Critical Risk at most workplaces. In an effort to manage this risk, Safety Perimeter Screens can be installed to provide a safety cage around live construction works. Covering up to five working levels, these mesh screens are designed to virtually eliminate the potential for falls including dropped objects, by wrapping the building in a steel mesh cage that can be systematically raised as the structure climbs upward.

Safety Perimeter Screens can provide working platforms around the extremity of the suspended slab, ensuring a safe work zone for all workers including Plumbers, Electricians, Steelfixers, Carpenters, Concreters and PT Cable Installers. Formwork edge forms can be attached to the screens, contributing to faster floor cycles and increased productivity.

Safety Perimeter Screens also provide an added level of protection to other persons and members of the public who may be in the vicinity, but not on the construction site, by ensuring no dropped objects or materials fall from the upper levels onto persons below in the street or adjacent buildings and parks.

Reduce your overall risk in construction by allowing us to provide you with Safety Perimeter Screens custom designed for your next project.