Our Innovative Formwork Systems Ensure a Safe & Productive Project

Crown Construction Services employs a number of proprietary systems in partnership with local suppliers. The benefits of our alliances include fully serviced and maintained components, delivery to site on as as-needed basis, full certification and documentation and comprehensive external, independent engineer’s inspection and report services as required. Read more about our formwork systems below:

Acrow Systems: Modular Formwork

Acrow systems are fully engineered and certified to AS3610, with over 50 years’ experience in Australian markets. Engaging in-house engineering and design teams, Acrow offer safe, cost effective solutions to suit customer and project requirements.

Acrow Supercuplock Scaffolding System

Designed and developed by Acrow, the heavy duty Supercuplock Scaffolding System is a scaffold and shoring system with a high load capacity.


Modular, lightweight and durable aluminium panel systems, using only two major components to form large areas of slab soffit quickly.


Acrowall-80 is a robust and versatile panel formwork system, with a powder coated steel frame panel and 18mm plywood face, available in a range of sizes with an extensive range of accessories. The Acrowall-80 can meet an array of configurations for any construction project.

The panels are locked together in line with aligning wedge clamps so when handled by a crane, the shutter assembly stays twist-free.

Acrow Gass

This heavy duty aluminium shoring system is a lightweight, fast, efficient and versatile system with a load capacity up to 140kN. Acrow Gass is suitable for “table form” applications as well as conventional strike and fix flexibility.

For comprehensive information on Acrow Formwork Systems, please visit this link.

Novatec: Meva Formwork Systems

Novatec Meva Formwork systems have been designed to make the construction industry safer, simpler and more cost effective for everyone, from the architect and engineer, right through to the formwork contractor and their employees.

Meva MAC Climbing Formwork Systems

The fully automatic hydraulic Meva MAC system, features fast climbing action with unique three way adjustment for aligning forms. A schedule of ‘steel and concrete works plus one day’ is achieved by rollback suspended shutters, increasing work speed. The Meva MAC is crane-independent, aside from the initial assembly, ensuring productivity is not slowed down by wind velocities, even at heights. The use of hydraulic non-return valves and non-return ratchets on each jack provides improved safety, significantly reducing the risk of disruptions and accidents.

MevaDec Suspended Slab Formwork Systems

Designed to handle concrete thickness up to one metre, the MevaDec Formwork System will suit virtually any floor plan. Modular in design, the components are small enough to be transported via builder’s lifts and hoists, thus minimising crane use. Safety is greatly improved as erection is conducted from below.

Meva CaroFalt Column Formwork

The Meva CaroFalt modular column formwork system is quick and easy to use. Panels with articulated links can be assembled with or without fillet to provide chamfered or square edges. Sections can be easily assembled and dismantled and moved into position. This system features maximum safety characteristics. The Meva CaroFalt system’s integrated ladders and safety cages have been designed in cooperation with the German Technical Committee for Construction, for maximum safety in the assembly and application of the column formwork.

Meva Mammut 350 Wall Systems

Perfect for high wall construction, this wall form panel system is ideal for civil, mining and commercial projects as well as industrial, engineering, and construction, or for any structure with high requirements on the concrete face. Meva Mammut 350 is a highly efficient formwork system with a high resistance to live concrete pressure. The form face of alkus plastic composite sheet guarantees a permanent high concrete finish during the lifetime of the panel.

For comprehensive information on Novatec: Meva Formwork Systems, please visit this link.

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